April 20

Public Relations for Oracom Group and it’s brands.

Oracom Group Limited ran an exhibition to showcase their skill reach in the ICT industry at the TEMS AFRICA ICT EXPO held at Sarit Center in Kenya. The Exhibition was officially opened by the director of ICT from the Ministry of ICT, youth and innovation. Speakers enlightened the audience as…Read More

April 4

OraDMT Graduation Ceremony

On Tuesday the 4th of April 2023, American Spaces at the Bazaar was filled with excitement and anticipation from the eighth graduating class of the OraDMT Digital Marketing Training Program as they received their certificates. The graduation ceremony was a culmination of five weeks of intensive training, during which the…Read More

March 24

.ke Marketing Campgain Winner

Our Brand number two(ORAWEBHOST) and the Team Oracom played a crucial role in helping us secure the Winner position at the Kenic's Domain Registrar's Award for Marketing Registrar of the Year in the .ke domain. I am grateful for their contribution and support.

March 10

People’s Dialogue Forum at The National Museum

We were pleased to participate in the People's Dialogue Forum, which took place at The National Museum of Kenya on March 10th. During the event, our team from Oracom Group focused on educating attendees about Palscity Sacco, Palscity App and Palscity Foundation.


I’m Alphonce Juma Orango, a Kenyan YALI alumni, founder of Oracom Group, and winner of several awards. I have over a decade of experience as an IT consultant and expertise in digital marketing, web design, and e-commerce solutions. My mission is to empower more Kenyans to create solutions to their challenges using technology and design thinking. I plan to fully use Technology & Design thinking as an enable for both small individuals, small & large companies to have an online presence and be #DigitallyFit.

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